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Thank You for Choosing Burkman Consulting

We will need the following information to start the consultation process.

  1. Question sheet answered
  2. A full CPT code production summary from last year
  3. Signed consultation agreement
  4. A deposit of $2,000 to secure your time slot

What is required from you and your practice

  1. Physician and staff to be open and honest at all times
  2. Willingness to work together
  3. A 1/2 day with no patients and full staff available, this will be used to implement changes. This usually works best on a Friday or a Saturday
  4. 2/3 hours of the owner's time each day without patients. This can be done in the evening.
  5. Access to any information in the practice as needed
  6. Ability to work hard. This will be a long week.

What We Supply

  1. Our complete time for 3/4 days, usually about 12-15 hours a day.
  2. We will audit your workflow and alleviate bottlenecks
  3. Set up/revise current systems and protocols
  4. Preform a mini audit of charts to look for billing errors and documentation errors
  5. Provide a full CPT analysis
  6. Help to solve billing concerns
  7. Give unbiased opinion of where your problems lie. We will work together to achieve a solution to correct these issues
  8. Goal planning and directional guidance
  9. Implementation of new revenue streams
  10. Books, forms and handouts that I believe are needed to help your practice succeed
  11. Complete confidentiality - WE DO NOT disclose our clients (unless authorized by the physician) WE DO NOT work with doctors with competing specialties within an agreed upon radius.


Burkman Consulting is contracted with AMERX healthcare to write and implement wound care protocol. I am not in any way paid or reimbursed for products sold, used or dispensed by physicians.