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Audits and Analysis​

What revenue are you leaving behind?

Are you bringing in less and less money?

Are you concerned about audits?

Do you know how your practice compares to others in your state and in the country?

Find out the answers to your questions with a practice analysis from Burkman Consulting. 

Please email your CPT codes to [email protected]

Please click the button below and answer a few questions.


Summer Evaluation

With summer approaching it may be beneficial to pause and reevaluate the direction your business is going in 2022. Dig into the successes and challenges you've faced so far so you can evaluate how to strongly finish the rest of the year. 

Summer Evaluation

CPT Analysis

This includes a CPT analysis of the last 12 months and 90 min of personal consult time with Holly Burkman. This will allow you to increase your productivity and reduce your billing errors and audit risk. 

CPT analysis

Chart Audit - Last 6 Months

A chart audit of the last 6 months includes 25 audits (single notes), a 1 hour consult, CPT Analysis and a Certificate of Audit.

Last 6 Months Chart Audit per Physician

Chart Audit - Last Year

A chart audit of the last 12 months includes 50 audits (single notes), a 2 hour consult, CPT Analysis and a Certificate of Audit.

Last Year Chart Audit per Physician