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Did you know there are a lot of changes in 2021?

Are you prepared?

Did you spend hours navigating PPP financing in 2020, and filling out countless pages of paperwork?

Was your staff bogged down by MIPS and MACRA measures?

Are you confused by the new E&M billing guidelines in 2021?

Does your bank account reflect the amount of work you have put in this year

or do you stand to lose thousands in missed opportunities.

Burkman Consulting is here to help you easily and quickly navigate these changes and increase your revenue.

Our firm is well known for our straightforward, no B.S. style. We don't waste your time. We find the simplest and most efficient way to complete the necessary requirements.

Burkman Consulting saved us at least 200 hours of work with MIPS and MACRA by showing us what had to be done and what didn’t.

Our 2021 Upstart Package includes the following

• PPP Funding – We will quickly help you apply for your 2nd round of PPP funding. We know how to make this quick and easy. We promise!

• MIPS and MACRA changes for 2021 – We will personally guide you through what you absolutely have to do for MIPS and MACRA to not lose money.

• E&M Changes – Quickly learn the new 2021 billing guidelines and how to bill and document them correctly.

• Practice Revenue Analysis – Are you leaving money on the table? Learn where your practice could be making additional revenue. How do you compare to other practices within your state and the country? Is your practice at risk of an audit?

• Goal Setting – Make 2021 your best year yet. Stop saying “One Day” and make it “Today.”

• Two Hours of Direct One-on-One Phone Time with Holly Burkman to help you get this all accomplished in record time.

Our 2021 Upstart Package Price is $995.00

As a bonus, you will get a free copy of Practice Management Consultant Holly Burkman’s book “Got Protocols.”

As an extra bonus, we will personally walk you through your MIPS and MACRA COVID exception and attestation for 2020.

Act Now. E&M changes start January 1st, COVID exemptions and PPP applications will need to be completed in January.